Nilayoram Ayurvedic Resort
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From the moment you step into Nilayoram, you know you have entered an idyllic setting suitable for a natural and healthy lifestyle. Throughout your stay, you will observe that the legendary hospitality of Kerala is translated to new heights at Nilayoram.Wealth without health is meaningless. We invite you to enjoy life more fully through the Nilayoram experience. Nilayoram provides an optimum environment and creates the opportunity to acquire a lasting sense of inner peace, contentment and fulfillment.

The exuberant beauty of landscaped gardens coupled with dense greenery of palm trees with well blended tiled walkways, lagoons, mini waterfall, Country Bridge and nicely groomed lawn all in a well illuminated environment, give guests outdoor relaxation and comfort. When the elements of nature are in balance, life is harmonic and flourishes, and at Nilayoram we are proud to offer nature at its purest.

Ayurveda treatments are provided in well equipped panchakarma theatres and yoga & meditation sessions are carried out in the vast lawn that overlooks the river Nila. The residential blocks are kept away from treatment facility to ensure odourless environment for staying. In essence Nilayoram is a unique blend of health, nature and culture.

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