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Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Date: 01-01-2003

Discussion & Summary on the Basis of Statistics of Sub fertility Research

in K.A. Samajam Hospital


Dr. K. Sasidharan MD (Ayu)

Reasearch Co-ordinator

K.A. Samajam Hospital

The present study has shown that Ayurvedic treatment modalities in sub-fertility disorders produced much positive response and found that the classical management consisting of vasthi (medicated enema) treatment were much effective in dealing with such conditions.


It is observed that Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenation therapies) and Vajeekarana Chikatsa (Aphrodisiac Treatments) consisting of Sodhana Chikitsa (Purification Therapies), observation of rules of conduct in relation to food, sleep, sex, exercise, personal cleanliness, attitudes etc. helped to produce optimum results in sub-fertility disorders. The treatment was mainly concentrated on eliminating dhoshas (humour) of sukla (sperm) and arthava (menustration) and abnormalities were studied on the basis of dhosha (humour) predominance. The symptom of vathika sukla doshas (sperm vitiated by vatha humour) are related to generally seminal vesicle infection, obstruction, retrograde ejaculation, hypo-androgenic states etc. Symptoms of paithika sukla (sperm vitiated by pitha humour) were featured in acute infections related to urethral canal and adjacent structures, infections and and dysfunctions of prostrate gland were found in the kaphapithyaja sukla dosha (sperm vitiated by kapha & pitha)


Grade 1 varicocele conditions which were related to male sub-fertility also got considerable cure in this research programme. In vathika arthavadosha (ovum vitiated by vatha) the symptoms generally were related to obstruction and atrophy of tissues of the uterine structures. The infections of urethra and adjacent structures were seen in pathika arthava dosha (ovum vitiated by pitha). Symptoms of hormonal problems were found to be related to kathapithaja arthavadosha (ovum vitiated by kapha & pitha). The concept of dooshivisha (toxic substance in Ayurveda) is considered as one of the causes of sub-fertility by which the genital functions get disrupted. The gonadotoxins have been found to mimic hormones which have similar line of pathology as described in ayurveda.


The immune related sub-fertility could be interpreted as the factors that act inconsistent with normal tissue principles and in such disorders sodhana therapy (purification) consisting of particular vasthi (medicated enema) treatment produced marked changes creating optimum healthy environment of genitourinary system. The sodhana (purificatory) therapies could help clean the genitourinary system and the waste products got eliminated and the drugs selected for the treatment were in compliance with the doshas (humans) and disease states and the process of nutrition to different tissues (dathu parinama) got normalised.


Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenative therapy) administrated after Sodhana chikitsa (purification therapy) got maximum results in many cases especially in sperm count and motility disorders as it could replenish the corresponding Dhatu. The administration of formulations consisting the ingredients of shukra janaka varga group of drugs (promoting spermatogenesis) also produced such results due to the homologous properties of such medicines most of the women with irregular cycles became normal after the treatment as the treatment focused on the principle of vayu (vatha humour). this could also be attributed to correction of hormonal functions as described in modern medicine.


The symptoms of arthava dusti (vitiated ovum) like the discolouration of menstrual fluid, variation in flow, quantity etc. also reduced considerably by the classical management considering the various dosha conditions and the infections of urethra and adjacent canals also got cured by the same treatment.


The ovarian disorders like polycystic ovarian disease, anovulation etc. also got reduced and proved to be highly statistically significant. As many of the ovarian disorders are connected to the endocrine functional anomalies, Ayurvedic treatment has been found to be very effective in normalizing such functions.


The abnormal uterine discharges also got cured. In Antisperm-Antibody cases the level of anti-bodies become reduced considerably, by the sodhana chikitsa consisting of snehapana, virechana and vasti treatment. This led to the process of cleansing and eliminating the consistent factors like harmful anti-bodies, toxins, waste materials etc. of different body compartments through the nearest channel of the body utilizing specific drug combinations.


Apart from all the above treatment modalities, counseling also paved to get good responds in couples with sub-fertility disorders. The possibilities of the influence by the stellar positions connected to the couples according to Jyothisha (Astrology) where also considered in finding out unknown causative factors related to sub-fertility disorders. Epistemologically, the birth is the result of the part actions performed during of the innumerable previous births of an individual and in Upanihads, it is also stated that one person becomes immortal through his progeny. The Astro medicine, a particular branch of Astrology opens up new vistas to identify such shortcoming in producing good progeny and tantrasasthras contribute enormously to rectify the same.


  • Success rate in conceiving was maximum in "male female factors combined" group.

  • Rate of success was higher in "female factors only" may higher group compared to "male factors only" group.

  • Highly statistically significant results in Antisperm-Antibody cases in "female factor only" group.

  • Highly statistically significant increase in sperm count by the treatment.

  • Highly statistically significant results in ovarian disorders.

  • Abnormal uterine discharges got cured by the treatment.


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